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      19th Century Antique
                  CHINESE CABINET / CHEST

About the Cabinet...
This beautiful antique is not only an investment but is also a versatile
and functional piece of furniture that will compliment virtually any

room in your home.  Hand-crafted and constructed in the mid 19th
Century, this cabinet has literally "survived the test of time".

According to antique experts and appraisers at "Evelyn's Antique
Chinese Furniture" (San Francisco), this cabinet has an estimated

retail value between $850 and $1,250.  And at our special "Virtual
Sidewalk Sale"
price of only $599, this cabinet is not only a beautiful
piece of antique furniture but is also a
potentially great investment!

Although it is impossible to be 100% certain, several reputable San
Francisco antique dealers believe that this particular cabinet was
probably originally designed to be used as either a book chest or a
medicine cabinet.  With 19 drawers, it's the perfect storage spot for

a scholar's scrolls (books) or for a Doctor's herbs and medicines.

Available immediately and includes FREE DELIVERY within the city
of San Francisco. Delivery to areas outside of San Francisco are
also available.  Prices vary based on shipping destination and
method of shipment.  Quotes available upon request.

Dimensions:  27" Wide X 16.25" Deep X 28.5" High

Storage Capacity:  19 drawers of various sizes

Hardware:  brass drawer pulls & accents

Color:  dark brown
YOUR PRICE:        $599
List Price:             $1,250
You Save
52%:       $651
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